Shot Breakdown

VFX Animation:
  • Men In Black International - animated snakes.
  • Christmas Chronicles - animated the deers and foreground elves (basic hype dance was a cycle. I added the facial, personality, varied their timing, and clean up).
  • Avengers Infinity War - keyframed Groot and Rocket. 
  • Okja - All keyframed. Also performed skeleton and muscle pass.
  • The Watch - Keyframed + mocap cleanup. Did the left side while right side was mostly clean up.
  • Independence Day Resurgence - Two main aliens firing were keyed. Simmed some tentacles and keyed the tentacles close to center. Animated character flying in the air and landing. Tentacles were partly simmed partly animated.
  • The Meg - keyframed eels, and all other sea creatures.
  • Beyond Skyline - Animated octopus-drone with tentacles, jumping warrior, creature hanging from the ceiling, dead body being tossed off.
  • Food and Drugs Commercial  ( football player )- Added and animated secondary tentacles on the 1st and 3rd shots. Added main ground tentacle, adjusted and cleaned up main tentacle on the 3rd shot. Animated all tentacles for the rest of the shots.
  • Jaguar Cycles - Jaguar is a free rig from Truong.
  • Star Trek Beyond - Animated all ships.
  • Star Wars Clone Wars - animated all characters and ships.

FX Breakdown:
  • Superman vs. Batman - created the rain, embers, and ashes.
  • Goosebumps - created the debris, rocks and leaves. Created inner and outer debris, and inner bubbles. A couple of shots I created the outer dirt.
  • Student Demo Reel - All Rigid body Simulation, water effects, procedural geometry and smoke done in Houdini. Compositing done in Nuke.